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Vilka är Dell EMC?

Världens största privatstyrda teknologiföretag med enterprise-försäljning och support i världsklass. Dell EMC tillhandahåller infrastrukturen som behövs för att organisationer ska kunna bygga sin digitala framtid, omvandla IT och skydda sina viktigaste tillgångar: information.

Digital transformation

Dell EMC möjliggör digital omvandling för företag genom pålitliga hybrid cloud- och big data-lösningar, byggda på modern datacenterinfrastruktur som innehåller branschledande teknologier för konvergerad infrastruktur, server, lagring, nätverk och cybersäkerhet.

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Tillsammans har Arrow och Dell EMC skapat program, support och där lämpligt även fondering för att göra det så enkelt som möjligt för er organisation att delta och dra fördel av möjligheterna med dessa.


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ME4000 – The NEW entry level storage from Dell EMC

  • Platform: Block Storage. For SMB organisations, starting at 1TB.
  • Dell EMC’s newest entry-level storage offering, delivering levels of performance and scalability not seen before in the vendors smallest offering.
  • With All-flash, hybrid or disk capable, and SAN, iSCSI or SAS connectivity options, the ME4000 is ideal for virtualisation/VDI and productivity applications, CCTV, High Performance Compute and ROBO.
  • A perfect replacement or tech refresh of Equalogic, VNXe and MD3 arrays.
  • Spec Sheet

Unity goes from strength to strength

  • Platform: Unified block and file storage solution, for mid-range to enterprise organisations. Available as hybrid or all-flash.
  • Dell EMC’s unified solution, Unity, continues to go from strength to strength. It’s recent Operating Environment (OE) version 4.5 update delivers several additional efficiencies including advanced dedupe and file management, plus much more. And this is free of charge for customers with valid support in place.
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SC the most technically advanced tiering on the market

  • Platform: Block, with for larger SMB to mid-sized organisations. Available as hybrid or all-flash, leverages the industries most advanced tiering and federation capabilities.
  • The latest firmware release for SC (7.3) brings customers “doubles the maximum IOPS achievable across every array model”, increases the maximum raw capacity for SC9000, SC7020 and SC5020 arrays and several other major enhancements. And as the Unity systems, all free of charge.
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XtremIO X2

  • Platform: block storage with SAN/iSCSI, where consistent ultimate performance and inline (always on) data reduction is required.
  • Designed from the ground up for flash–the XtremIOX2 architecture enables unprecedented performance, efficiency and agility.
  • Active scale up & scale out architecture provides flexibility to scale both performance and capacity without compromise.
  • Perfect for low latency, high IOPS scenarios, including: VDI, gaming, virtual infrastructure, transactional applications and databases.

ECS – Object storage for modernising infrastructures

  • Platform: object storage, designed for mobile, Cloud, big data, and social networking applications.
  • Made popular by web-apps, object storage removes many of the challenges of developing global complex applications that require anytime/anywhere data access.
  • ECS is a modern object storage platform to bridge together traditional and modern workloads, which helps customers to dramatically reduce TCO relative to traditional storage as well as public Cloud storage.
  • ECS boasts up to 48% lower TCO that public cloud and even offers a lower TCO than Tape for LTR.
  • Latest generation ECS start small, and offer scale. With models offerings from 60TB and options delivering multi petabytes of capacity – whilst delivering anytime/anywhere access and SEC and GDPR capable security.
  • ECS EX Introduction

Isilon – The #1 Hybrid Scale-Out NAS storage

  • Platform: Hybrid storage platforms, powered by the Isilon OneFS, a highly versatile, simple scale-out storage architecture to speed up access to massive amounts of data, while reducing cost and complexity. Isilon flexibility strikes the balance between large capacity and high-performance storage to provide support for a broad range of enterprise file workloads and protocols.
  • With massive scale, performance, data reduction techniques and cloud connectivity Isilon scale-out NAS is targeted for demanding file applications and workloads. Typical use cases include: digital media, electronic design, medical imaging, life science and gene sequencing.
  • The latest generation of Isilon-node, the F810, delivers up to 250,000 IOPS and 15 GB/s bandwidth per 4U chassis with predictable, linear scalability up to 9M IOPS and 540 GB/s of aggregate throughput in a single cluster, at the same time offering inline data compression up to 3:1 – this highly dense storage solution can help reduce data centre footprint and related costs including floor space, power and cooling.
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Dell EMC ClarityNow – Data management for file based data

  • ClarityNow is a complementary solution designed for both Isilon and ECS.
  • Enables a unified global view into data (file and object) across heterogeneous distributed storage and cloud storage on a single pane of glass.
  • Reduces cost of storage by empowering end users with self-service capabilities. With a UI that's as intuitive as a file browser, ClarityNow allows end users to easily move data from high-performance file storage to an object archive and back again as the project demands.
  • Accelerate business outcomes with better collaboration between teams, allows the integration of file-based workflows with business workloads and enables fast discovery of shared data across multiple users to facilitate integrated data movement within business workflows.
  • Target customers include enterprises that manage 300 TB or more of data driven by technical or rich content workflows across a variety of file and object platforms including public cloud. Verticals that rely on large, complex technical workflows and require a high level of collaboration between teams, such as M&E, Life Sciences, and EDA are especially good targets.
  • ClarityNow

VxRail – The ultimate HCI appliance for VMware

  • Platform: The #1 Hyper-converged VMware based appliance. Born of the Dell Technologies family – leveraging Dell EMC’s PowerEdge hardware and VMware’s virtualisation for storage and compute, VxRail is the simplest, and fastest method of implementing a virtualised infrastructure solution.
  • Introducing VxRail version 4.7
  • New G-series platform, based on PowerEdge 2U4N hardware.
  • Support for vSAN 2-node clusters, perfect for remote or branch offices with limited number of workloads.
  • Synchronous release and support of vSphere 6.7 (U1) and vSAN (U1) delivering tiered vSAN offerings that will support tiered vSAN editions.
  • Flexible vSAN licensing: customers have the option to order vSAN licensing as a part of their VxRail order or apply a license from an vSAN ELA.
  • VDP is no longer offered in vSphere 6.7 and therefore is not included with VxRail. Alternative options, including Dell EMC’s DPS for VMware are available.
  • CloudArray is removed from the VxRail. Protection options for VxRail include using Stretched Cluster, VR and/or RP4VM. Other alternatives are DPS for VM and DDVE.
  • VxRail is an ideal platform for customers looking to virtualise their server/storage infrastructure, customers looking to “tech refresh” their current virtualised server/storage platform or any new business requirement that requires compute or storage – VDI, DB’s, collaboration transactional etc.
  • VxRail

Dell EMC PowerEdge 14G Servers – The bedrock of business applications

Platform: Complete portfolio of x86 and AMD server offerings, including rack, tower and modular packages. #1 in the market.

  • Latest updates to the PowerEdge 14G portfolio includes:
  • T140 - Entry-level, single socket performance with storage inside a compact mini-tower chassis.
  • Single processor 4 or 6 cores, up to 64GB, up to 4 drives, choice of RAID.
  • Use cases: File/print, mail/messaging and point of sale.
  • Spec Sheet 

R240 - Versatile and affordable entry rack server.

  • Single socket 4 or 6 cores, up to 64GB, up to 4 drives.
  • Use cases: Web server/hosting, file/print, collaboration/sharing, mail and messaging.
  • Spec Sheet

T340 - Reliable, easy to manage, scalable single-socket tower server and ideal for remote offices. 

  • Single processor 4 or 6 cores, up to 64GB, up to 8 drives.
  • Use cases: Data consolidation, file/print, web serving, site surveillance and security.
  • Spec Sheet

R740xd2 – Scalable architecture, supporting up to 364TB of disk in a 2U package.

  • Up to two processors, up to 44 cores, 512GB RAM.
  • Use cases: Video surveillance, HCI  Microsoft S2D/VMware vSAN, MS Exchange, HADOOP.
  • Spec Sheet

Data Domain DD3300 - New entry-level protection storage system that is cloud-enabled for modern data protection.

Based on the market leading Data Domain architecture, the DD3300 is the latest model to be introduced, positioned for the SMB and midmarket.

Data Domain DD3300 benefits:

  • Comprehensive coverage of both enterprise and homegrown applications.
  • Modern cloud retention with support for native-tiering from DD3300 to cloud repositories.
  • Advanced data verification and encryption ensures data remains protected.
  • Inline deduplication that reduces storage requirements by 10–55x and bandwidth requirements by up to 98%.
  • Eliminate unnecessary storage silos with backup, archive, and DR on a single platform.
  • Gain up to 50% faster backups with advanced application integration.
  • Works with, and integrates with, all the major backup software solutions, including: Avamar, NetBackup, TSM, Veeam, NetBackup, Commvault and many more.
  • Models start at 8TB and scale up to 32TB of usable capacity, with 1 or 10GbE client connectivity and 16Gbps fibre channel for VTL support.
  • Spec Sheet

IDPA DP4400 – The complete backup solution

  • Offers a complete backup solution in a single appliance, that includes: Backup, recovery, deduplication, replication, instant access/restore, search/analytics, tight VMware integration and cloud readiness for disaster recovery and long-term retention.
  • Based on the fantastic Data Domain DD3000 appliance:
  • Grow usable capacity in-place from 24TB to 96 TB and achieve average data reduction of 55:1, without the need for additional hardware—minimising downtime and complexity.
  • Provides protection across the largest application ecosystem (including modern applications like MySQL and MongoDB), both physical and virtual, and support for multiple hypervisors (vSphere and Hyper-V)
  • Natively-tiers deduplicated data to the cloud for LTR without the need for a separate cloud gateway. Also supports cloud DR that allows enterprises to copy backed-up VMs from an on-premises IDPA environments public cloud providers such as AWS or Azure. With end-to-end orchestration it means failover is three and failback in two clicks away.
  • IDPA DP4400 is ideal for SMB, mid-size organisations, as well as remote offices and standalone departments of larger enterprises, looking for enterprise-level data protection in a converged appliance.
  • Learn More

What’s new with Data Protection Suite (DPS)

DPS for Apps and Backup

  • Data Protection Suite for Backup now includes all of the capabilities for Data Protection Suite for Applications, giving customers more value.
  • Data Protection Suite for Applications new virtualization features expand the suite’s capabilities to VM crash-consistent image backup and recovery.
  • VM Direct - Using VM Direct, customers can go from “zero” to backup in minutes for VMware virtual machines, with multiple recovery options.
  • LiveVM – Leveraging flash-enabled Data Domain, LiveVM gives you fast access when there is no time to wait for a restore VM’s to the production environment.

Direct data paths to Data Domain provide faster backup and recovery

  • Application Direct – eg. Oracle, MS SQL etc.
  • Storage Direct – eg. PowerMax etc.
  • VM Direct – virtual machines.
  • Learn More

DPS for VMware

  • Market-Leading Integration with VMware.
  • Empower vAdmins by providing self-service protection to users.

Software-Only Data Protection

  • Hypervisor based replication for any point-in-time recovery.
  • Backup system scales to 96 TB when configured with DD VE.

Shortened Backup Times and Storage Cost Savings

  • Reduce network usage by up to 98%, reduce backup times by up to 50%, reduce backup storage by up to 36x.

Application Consistency

  • Across a broad application landscape of mission critical apps.


Dell EMC offer a variety of “Cloud connected” options around storage, data protection and tiering, a summary of some of these capabilities are below:

DataDomain series

  • Cloud Tier - Tiering of backup data to Cloud repos, migrating LTR data from on-premise storage.
  • DDVE (DataDomain Virtual Edition)
  • Running of a backup appliance in the Cloud as 1) replication target for on-prem DD replication 2) remote backup target for hosts and clients.
  • Cloud DR - Disaster recovery of VMs in the cloud, managed and orchestrated via DataDomain
  • IDPA – Integrated Data Protection Appliance, based on DataDomain, therefore inherits Cloud Tier and Cloud DR.

Avamar VE 

  • Virtualised backup solution that can be packaged as a cloud based implementation.

DellEMC Cloud Snapshot Manager

  • Management and orchestration of snapshots in the Cloud (VMs, DB’s and block storage)

DataProtection Suite

  • Includes various options for backup and DR to Cloud, including: RecoverPoint for VM’s – On-premise to Cloud VMware DR and Continuous Data Protection capabilities.

Isilon Cloud Pools

  • Tiering of cold(er) data to Cloud repos, migrating from on-premise Isilon storage, reducing on-premise data footprint.

Unity Storage Systems

  • VSA (Virtual Storage Array) – In Cloud virtual storage array delivers the Unity infrastructure as a cloud package.
  • Cloud Tiering Appliance – Tiering of file data and snapshots from on-premise devices to cloud storage, for on-premise data footprint reduction.

VxRAIL Hyper-Converged Appliance 

  • Virtualised infrastructure works perfectly with DDVE, see above.
  • VVD for SDDC on VxRail (VMware validated designs - Hybrid Cloud)

Dell EMC X-Series

A family of smart web-managed 1GbE and 10GbE switches designed for SMBs who crave enterprise-class network control fused with consumer-like ease.

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Dell EMC N-Series

  • A series of 1GbE switches with comprehensive enterprise-class Layer 2/Layer 3 feature set, consistent simplified management which scales easily with built-in stacking ports and advancements to improve resiliency on up to 12 units.

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Dell EMC C9010 Chassis

  • C9010’s innovative enterprise network architecture merges access and core layers to provide a single network for the delivery and management of mission-critical applications.

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Dell EMC S and Z-Series

  • Designed for flexibility, high performance and for today's demanding modern workloads and applications – with options capable of 1/10/25 and 100GbE connectivity.

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