Amazon Web Services

AWS är en molnplattform som erbjuder mer än 90 tjänster till miljontals kunder världen över.

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What does AWS do?

Amazon Web Services is one of the world’s leading cloud computing providers, with a huge range of services spanning data storage, database, server computing power, big data and analytics, security and identity, tools for developers, messaging, migration and artificial intelligence, alongside others.

Market Leader

AWS not only operates at scale, with millions of customers globally, it leads the way with Gartner positioning AWS in the 2017 leaders' quadrants for public cloud storage services, for cloud infrastructure as a service, and for data management solutions for analytics.

Working with Arrow

As experts in the cloud services market, Arrow ECS has selected only the best cloud technology partners to work with and when combined with Arrow’s own cloud offering, the broad AWS portfolio allows our channel partners to select the best combination of public, private and hybrid cloud services for their customers.

Arrow supports AWS partners with:

  • Anytime access to pre and post-sales expertise, along with a dedicated quotes team
  • Access to marketing services, enablement and funding
  • World-class event and demonstration facilities located across the UK
  • The opportunity to register for:
    • The Arrow Cloud Portal – ready-to-go resources for understanding and promoting cloud services
    • ArrowSphere – Arrow’s innovative marketplace for selling and provisioning cloud services
  • Access to Cloud Universities and Cloud training
  • The opportunity to join the Arrow Cloud Enablement Programme (ACE) and access a whole package of tailored support from the cloud industry experts
  • Arrow’s added value for your business

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AWS offers a range of options for customers who need cloud based computing power, with virtual servers, virtual private servers, facilities to run and manage web apps, batch jobs and docker containers.


AWS cloud storage solutions are scalable and flexible, with options for block and file storage, archiving, and integration of hybrid storage environments.


AWS Database offerings cover the main database providers including MySQL, Oracle, SQL Server, PostgreSQL, NoSQL and MariaDB. Data warehousing, in-memory caching and database migration solutions complete the database product set.


AWS Migration services allow customers to identify and discover on-premise applications before transporting and migrating to AWS with minimal downtime and maximum insight.

Networking and Content Delivery

AWS Networking solutions provide customers with a dedicated, high speed, optimised network connection to the AWS cloud.

Developer Tools

AWS Developer Tools allow developers to build, test, deploy and manage applications in the cloud. Once released, AWS Developer Tools provides a private Git repository for code, and the ability to maintain and debug applications into the future.

Management Tools

AWS granular management tools allow customers to monitor applications’ performance, user activity, security and performance. AWS simplifies management of cloud resources with numerous automation options, off the shelf products and templates.

Security, Identity and Compliance

AWS’ multi-layered security options allow customers to manage user access, encryption keys, web filtering, Active Directory, SSL/TLS certificates and offers DDoS protection.


AWS Analytics allows all types of data to be interrogated, visualised and analysed, whether it is real time, streamed data or periodic. AWS solutions include a hosted Hadoop Framework and SQL S3 query tools, plus QuickSight, a cost effective, speedy managed analytics service.

Artificial Intelligence

AWS AI services allow developers to build voice and text chatbots, turn text into lifelike speech and search and analyse images. AWS Machine Learning is based on powerful algorithms which find patterns in data to make future predictions, and gives developers the tools and wizards to create machine learning models, without the need to learn the complex algorithms.

Mobile Services

AWS Mobile Services provides a platform for mobile app developers to build, test, monitor and deploy mobile apps in one place.

Application Services

AWS Application Services provide a centralised management function to coordinate distributed applications, build and manage APIs and convert files into alternative, usable formats.


AWS Messaging Services cover email, SMS and mobile app push notifications.

Business Productivity

AWS Business Productivity products include video conferencing, business email and calendars, and an enterprise level file sharing and storage service.

Desktop and App Streaming

AWS Desktop Computing is a managed, secure desktop as a service for all supported devices. AppStream allows desktop applications to be streamed securely to a browser, without the need to rewrite the application.

Internet of Things

With AWS Internet of Things solutions, devices can be connected to the cloud, given local management functionality and developers can easily add a dash button, which allows a simple function to be performed, such as call a number, unlock a door, or track an activity, with no need for complicated coding.

Contact Centre

Amazon Connect is a cloud-based contact centre for businesses who want to offer a customer services function, but don’t have the facility or desire to do this in-house.

Game Development

Amazon GameLift and Amazon Lumberyard offer different options for games developers to build and deploy session-based games which can be connected for multiple players and where performance and security are included.