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NetApp and our Service Provider partners deliver differentiated IT-as-a-service offerings and get them to market fast.
The NetApp Partner Program for Service Providers brings together NetApp and service providers to deliver IT as a service to address our customers' needs. With NetApp, you can get your differentiated services to market faster. We support you through the process of designing, deploying, selling, and supporting your IT-as-a-service solutions. As part of the NetApp Service Provider Program you can leverage NetApp expertise, tools, and program benefits to:
  • Get to market quickly with differentiated enterprise-class services
  • Build a cost base for a profitable array of services
  • Maintain predictable service levels
  • Create opportunities with our co-marketing and sales support
The combination of market momentum, increased demand for IT as a Service , and innovative technology from NetApp makes this a great time to be a NetApp partner.
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