The Enterprise Vault Suite includes the most powerful Information Governance Veritas solutions and has become a very attractive bundle for our customers.
What it includes:
  • Email Management
  • Supervision (Journaling + Compliance Accelerator)
  • Archive Discovery (Journaling + Discovery Accelerator)
  • Classification/Retention
  • IM Archiving (Skype for Business)
  • File Governance (FSA – File Management/SharePoint archiving and Data Insight)
  • Legacy Email Ingest
  • License for third-party ingestion (Merge1)
The Enterprise Vault Suite can help customers, as a complete solution, to be GDPR compliant:
Veritas w44 image.jpg
The Veritas Risk Analyzer can help you to evaluate the classification capabilities. You can upload with this tool a folder, and fast and easy identify “Personal Data”. In that way you will be able to understand the risk and decide the right strategy.
Here is the link for the tool