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The largest single cyber security event of 2017 was unquestionably the WannaCry outbreak. Ransomware has been in the ascendency for the last 2 years and our Threat Predictions say this will continue into 2018. This year will also see GDPR signed into legislation placing specific requirements on how the personal data of EU citizens is handled by organisations.

But what if the WannaCry outbreak had happened after the enacting of GDPR?

Register for this live webinar and learn:

·          A year on from WannaCry, what lessons have been learned
·          What are the current trends in Ransomware
·          How does the GDPR legislation view Ransomware and what would be the impact of an outbreak
·          What measures does an organisation need to put in place to combat Ransomware
·          How can software tools help organisations stay on the right side of GDPR