Lenovo Datacenter Group are pleased to invite our key partners to 3 days on certification training in Gothenburg.
                   May 21st, 9:00 – 17:30 - Lenovo Datacenter Server Technical Certification Training
                   May 22nd, 9:00 – 17:30 - Lenovo Storage Solutions Certification Training and Test
                   May 23rd, 9:00 – 17:30 - Lenovo Cloud Solutions Certification Training and Test
The trainings will provide you and your company a strong foundation for selling Lenovo server and storage solutions.
Your personal benefits: Your Lenovo Certified badge proofs your skills, enable you to better support and sell Lenovo products and solutions, and increases the value you bring to your company and yourself. More personal benefits will be added to this program during 2019.
Your Company’s Benefit: Certifications are the keys to the Lenovo Partner Program advantages where you can earn an additional 1% backend rebate on all DCG products. Lenovo Gold/Platinum partner earn an additional 5% solutions rebate on eligible solutions.
Register here: fjubran@lenovo.com
Datacenter Technical Sales Headlines
                    Product & Portfolio Overview
                    Systems Management
                    Value Proposition and Differentiators
                    Business Conversations
Storage Certification Headlines
                    Lenovo Storage Product & Portfolio Overview
                    Lenovo Value Proposition and Differentiators
                    Lenovo Storage Product and Solutions Positioning
                    Storage Solutions Business conversations
                    Market Opportunity for Lenovo Storage
                    Software Defined Storage Partnerships
                    Storage Services
                    Lenovo DE/DM Storage and CP update
Cloud Solutions Certification Headlines
                    Product & Portfolio Overview
                    Value Proposition and Differentiators
                    Market Opportunity
                    Business Conversations
                    Partnerships and Alliances
Trainings are free – each participant will receive a free voucher to take the certification exam. Our professional training partner Jure Vehar – your guarantee for quality and outcome, conducts the trainings.